I wanted to create a super minimalistic design that only displayed the important details that users would be looking for in a weather app.
Boarding Pass
This design was modeled to fit within the iOS Wallet app. Users would be able to add this boarding pass to their Apple Wallet for easy use at the airport.
Countdown Timer
This is a countdown to the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. I wanted to focus in on what was important with the timer while not adding unnecessary information.
I was experimenting with card designs for items on mobile and I found that this design cleanly separated items on the page while still grouping together relevant information.
I wanted to create a product recommendation system for people who purchased specific items. I included a carousel that scrolled through different items the user purchased to make it easier to browse.
This page would allow the user to browse through the items in the order of popularity. The cards include information on each item's percentage metagame share and the ability to go into more detail on statistics.
I wanted to design a simple way to view recipes. There aren't a lot of distracting factors on this page which often get in the way in other designs. The user can focus on exactly what they want to see which is how to cook the dish.
I designed a simple page to view detailed tracking information on a product. The user would be able to see where their package is in real time on the map and get detailed information about their item order and tracking process.
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